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Understanding ESG
Regularly tracking four alternative economic indicators would provide a very different view of comparative performance from the one that emerges from domestic product (GDP)-based analysis. And public awareness of this revised view of reality could well mobilize support for fundamental different policies at the national and international level
19 Jun 2022
As global temperatures increase, the world's dense, heavily paved urban jungles are increasingly being exposed to extreme heat, with their poorer inhabitants facing the greatest risks. Fortunately, the basic components of sustainable urban cooling are well known, and most are affordable.
18 Jun 2022
Carbon credit exchange Climate Impact X (CIX) is collaborating with Respira International, a carbon finance business, to hold a major auction of nature-based carbon credits. The auction will offer access to 600,000 tonnes of voluntary carbon credits from three key projects in Respira’s portfolio via an interactive and transparent bidding process supporting competitive price discovery.
15 Jun 2022
Difficulty in monitoring emissions, concern over food prices shielded sector from pressure
14 Jun 2022
The world can remain locked into a costly, inefficient, polluting future that empowers only a handful of fossil fuel-rich countries, such as Russia. Or we can choose a green revolution of low-cost energy for all that keeps our future secure from pollution, global warming and dictators
24 Jun 2022
Although US President Joe Biden has now identified inflation as his top economic-policy priority, his administration’s efforts to ameliorate the problem have been ineffective and even counterproductive. As if that weren’t bad enough, most of its recent actions run counter to its professed environmental and climate goals
22 Jun 2022
Calculated travel emissions savings retire corresponding amounts of carbon neutrality tokens
16 Jun 2022
Just when the world desperately needs more international cooperation to address common problems like climate change, Covid-19 rising debt and food prices, the principal mechanism for coordinating such efforts is all but defunct. Its decline is both a harbinger and a cause of the global turmoil that awaits
14 Jun 2022
Amid rising geopolitical tensions and accelerating deglobalization, governments will need to ensure that they have the infrastructure and human capital necessary to maintain a comparative advantage in earth sciences. Superiority in this field could prove decisive in any new cold war
14 Jun 2022
Scope 4 measurement serves as positive reinforcement, fostering innovation in low-emission products and encouraging big emitters to scale up their transition efforts. It is different from the punitive nature of Scope 1 to 3 measurements where at-risk entities are red-flagged for their high emissions.
10 Jun 2022
From China to the United Kingdom, policymakers regard nuclear power as part of the solution to the twin challenges of energy security and climate change. But it remains to be seen whether the industry will finally establish itself as a major global electricity supplier, or again fail to live up to its promise
9 Jun 2022
The head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has called on his peers to act with more urgency on climate change, lamenting that the global recovery from the pandemic is being supported by the continued use of fossil fuel.
6 Jun 2022
Questions about economic growth, inflation, innovation, and the impact of the Ukraine war on the transition to green energy dominate discussions about the global economy's condition and prospects. The picture that plausible answers paint is not bleak, but it's not rosy, either
3 Jun 2022