Asset Benchmark Research Standard Chartered
2019 China Business Outlook

The Chinese economy offers local and global corporates extensive opportunities, but it also requires careful navigation of the regulatory framework and the changing macroeconomic environment. In recent years, external factors − including tensions with the US − have added to the challenges of doing business in China or with China entities offshore under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). In this context, Asset Benchmark Research conducted a survey in the fourth quarter of 2018. The project started in mid-November and spanned a month during which 166 corporate treasurers and senior treasury/finance executives from Asia, Europe and MENA were surveyed.


中国经济为全球企业提供了巨大机会,但也要求企业谨慎地应对监管框架和不断变化的宏观经济 环境。近年来,与美国之间形势紧张等外部因素,导致在中国经商压力重重,也使得各企业与中国 在境外的“一带一路”企业开展商业合作时面对着巨大的挑战。 在此背景下,《财资》基准研究于2018年第4季度进行了一项调研。向来自亚洲、欧洲、中东和北非地区共166位企业财务主管及/或高级财务主 管/财务高管人员进行了调查。